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The season 4 has started! Cant wait for the next episode!…
Today is the last day of Windows XP. Honor to you, my dear friend. May you enjoy your retired life!…
Hello everyone. Life is busy, and we are now in 2014, yet the new lunar year is yet to come. Here is another piece. I wish everyone happy new year! 

One night, I had a dream of Princess Mononoke. And than I woke up, there is something in my mind that I must tell it out. After four hours of nonstop working. Enjoy:…
As my life has shifted, my inner thought has changed as well. Someday, I just came across an idea of a young man riding a white dragon, and here we come. This is my original art and has nothing to do with any other fantasy. Feel free to give feedback. :)

So I think some people might already know. The WOW TCG is coming to an end according to this announcement:…

It's sad to see an interesting game die. Especially I have already contributed to the game. So, here are my last two pieces:
Hello everyone,

Another season has passed! And Diablo 3's expansion is finally announced.

Today is Diablo 3's Anniversary! Though I found the game has a lot to improve, I still love the lore and the rich history of Sanctuary. Decard Cain and Leah are always my favorite characters. May their souls rest in peace.

For those who have been playing WOWTCG - you might already notice!

I've done several commissions for Cryptozoic Entertainment for pass few months. And these works are certainly my pride!

The first batch is in Deck 20 - Timwalker Deck 3: Betrayal of the Gaurdian.


Thoglos the Voidwalker -…

The Ghostly Charger of Karazhan -…

Kil'rek -…

I know it's been a while since I released my piece. I really appreciate all your compliments and supports. And I promise (hopefully!) will keep updating my gallery more often.

Now, enjoy the "Show Down" of the Assassin and the master swordman.…
So Assassin's Creed 4 is announced! Though it's a pity that it's not setting in Asia as I hoped, I still could not still my mind as the story for Age of Discovery is certainly a perfect time for an assassin's to shine!

Here you go! I hope you would like it:…
Hello folks,

And after a month of hypers, I've come back to the reality. My reality, the world of art. Here I give you "The Hobbit"… I made for the movie directed by Peter Jackson.

Gotta say it's my favorite movie of the year!
Hello everyone!

I've received a lot of compliments and mails. I just wanna say: Thank you so much for all your praises and appreciation. Your applauds are the reason I keep working hard and I would never cease to improve my skill in art. The road of learning is never end. But I would like take a break from it as the Chinese New Year is close, and my Wedding is close as well! So I might be taking a break for a while. And before that, I would like to give everyone a gift.

Now here you are: Assassin, the Aftermath…

This is a wallpaper version of the fanart dedicated to "What if the story is taking place in China" idea. I hope you enjoy it!
Happy New Year everyone!

Now it's 2013. Another new year has begun. I know it's a little bit bloody, but I present you the Incident of Xuanwu Gate as a gift of the new year.

And so, it's almost the end of the year. Things have been incredibly busy than ever. I apologize for not posting anything for a while. I hope you guys would enjoy this piece I submitted to the first official Warcraft fanart collection artboook:

Rising Winds
After I beat AC3, my mind is full of mixing emotions that I just couldn't calm it down. So here we go - another fan art dedicated for Assassin's Creed!…

So Assassin's Creed 3 is here. How does everyone like it? To me, it's one of my favorite games and I just couldn't stop loving it!

I present you a fanart I made specifically for the release of this fantastic game! Enjoy!…
Hello guys,

The long wait is over! Now we could finally step on the land of great Pandaria and have a wonderful adventure in this wonderful land!

To celebrate the launch worldwide within 1 week, and as a tribute to my good friend who dedicates herself to the World of Warcraft community in China, I present - End of the Falling Flowers…


And may you find peace and entertaining in Pandaria!
Hello guys,

Finally, one of my commissioned work's NDA has been lifted. So now I can give you the first look at what I did for the past few months. I made few TCG arts for a game called 《Legend of the Cryptids》 by a Japanese company, Applibot.

I hope you folks will enjoy it!

And here is phase 2!
Nothing. Really. It just suddenly came into my mind. And boom! There you go!

Morning Snow