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Happy New Year my friends!

I wish every a great new year and the year of 2016 is the year of monkey in Chinese Zodiac. 

So here we go - 2 pieces of the Monkey King!

The Monkey King - True or Fake by ChaoyuanXu
The Monkey King and the Phoenix' Flame by ChaoyuanXu
Know The Journey to the West? A great Chinese animation movie I watched! Really inspiring and I love it!…

The Monkey King is Back by ChaoyuanXu
It's getting hot these days. But for the assassin, it feels cold! And only cold heart could the assassin succeed in his mission.

Assassin's Creed - As the Weather Turns Cold by ChaoyuanXu
Yes. I really do love him. He is the hero you would wish to die for. The true patriot!

Captain America by ChaoyuanXu

Faction Divided by ChaoyuanXu
I have received a lot of request of posting this missing piece from the mists. So here you are!
Tavern in the Mists by ChaoyuanXu

Family Time by ChaoyuanXu
Greeting fella!

Gotta say thank you for another DD for my fanart of Princess Mononoke.

It's getting hot though. So I think it's early summer time!

Early Summer by ChaoyuanXu
I know it's been a while since last post.

Still, an Agent of Tang Sect!
Agent of Tang Sect 2 by ChaoyuanXu
Hello fella,

it's been a while since my last post. I really love the idea of a martial expert, living in ancient china, acting as an agent of a sect. So here it is!…
Hello guys!

I am so happy that my fanart of Captain America has earned me another DD! Thank you so much for your compliments!

And so, here is another one I made. I hope you would enjoy this one:…
Didnt expect Dark Queen Elsa to receive so many compliments!

I am so happy! And just saying that here comes another piece of Assassin's Creed work I did a while ago. I just didnt get the chance to post it. Enjoy!…
What if is a way of imagination and innovation.

So... what if Anna was killed in the end of Frozen?

Behold: Dark Queen Elsa!…
So the latest game of Assassin's Creed has been announced! Behold: Unity!…
Sometimes, I wish I can experience such feeling as well...…
Have you watched the new Captain America movie? I love it! It's by far the best movie Marvel Studio has made. And I can't wait to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch as they appeared in the end of the movie.
The season 4 has started! Cant wait for the next episode!…
Today is the last day of Windows XP. Honor to you, my dear friend. May you enjoy your retired life!…
Hello everyone. Life is busy, and we are now in 2014, yet the new lunar year is yet to come. Here is another piece. I wish everyone happy new year! 

One night, I had a dream of Princess Mononoke. And than I woke up, there is something in my mind that I must tell it out. After four hours of nonstop working. Enjoy:…
As my life has shifted, my inner thought has changed as well. Someday, I just came across an idea of a young man riding a white dragon, and here we come. This is my original art and has nothing to do with any other fantasy. Feel free to give feedback. :)

So I think some people might already know. The WOW TCG is coming to an end according to this announcement:…

It's sad to see an interesting game die. Especially I have already contributed to the game. So, here are my last two pieces: